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IHRites Sizzle under soaring Mercury

First and foremost: congratulations to my fellow IHRites who in the times of ‘gloom and doom’ for the travel industry, never fails to spring surprises and quite fast too. The summer’s just started and IHR did some really brisk business for the month of April. Thanks to a combination of some aggressive selling from the sales guys and some diligent organizational planning well in advance. This warranted some celebration and we were there again applauding and cheering- in yet another round of partying.

This time, particularly pleasing is the fact that we have been effectively managing to convince customers that we are the right organization to have a holiday booking with. This is no tall claim and reflected in our gradually increasing Alexa rankings as well as the swelling number of daily leads.

Here’s a small recap on some of the things we did yesterday. The place was again the now very familiar Ankit’s residence or perhaps Ankit’s den is a better word, considering the number of parties it hosts!

With the scorching summer outside the proceedings started literally on a chilling note with loads of chilled beers, snacks and soft drinks for those who really aren’t fussed about the tipple. A game of “improvised Musical Chairs “was followed with another round of dumb charades. In between some rewards were given by IHR’s team lead Priyanka to the best performers of the month.

By the time the ordered Pizzas were finally delivered those present were having a smashin time with dances, jigs and occasionally some impromptu singings thrown in good measure. It was good to see the team members high on spirits (pun intended) gelling well and liberally exchanging pleasantries about others.

With the summer sizzling, the business head promised this is just one of the many that would follow but the challenge lies in maintaining the NUMERO UNO position.


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