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Corbett This Season: Travel Guide and the Saga of the Elusive Tiger

IndiaHotelReview.com– IHR’s second Travel Guide is all about Corbett, but if you think that reading this is your last chance to spot that elusive tiger then drop that ambition! It’s not in our hand and not the wild life guys can do anything about it.

Like umpteenth Travel Guides on Corbett we are not hell bent on providing you with the “101 tricks to catch a glimpse of Tiger”. Instead, we have stuck to the primary role of a safari guide. That is to interpret not reinvent the natural world as it is sans frills for his/her guests. Our Guide stresses on those “other things” that Corbett has to offer, which visitors in their overexcitement to spot the Tigers often misses out.

Call it what you will, we have tried to keep it crisp but informative. Our writers with a passion for people and wildlife beyond the ordinary traversed the whole terrain of Corbett National Park to bring out only first hand information, thus ensuring unbeatable and interpretive safari experiences that is in a league of their own.

Corbett this season is all about mating of Deers, casting a line to tempt the prize catch- golden Mahseer, the howling Jackals in the evening or early morning, imposing Sals, expanses of waving grass, wide gravel river beds, tall stands of teak and finally the ever “dodging” reclusive Tiger with full evidence to support that one was just ahead of me but……

Majestic Elephant ride at leisurely Corbett

Majestic Elephant ride at leisurely Corbett

So take a Jeep Safari, Canter safari or the majestic Elephant Safari, keep your eyes and ears open and remember a day without “sighting a Tiger” is equally memorable.


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