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Pre-launch Countdown Grips IHR

It’s getting quite exciting here at the minute as the Content Team and the Tech Team are putting the finishing touches to the launch of first ever City Guide. In the less sexier times when Corporate Boards are beginning to feel the heat of lack of capital and a global meltdown, good news never ceases to cheer up the diehard optimistic IHRites. Continuing with some stupendous developments in the recent past (as informed through our earlier posts), IHR is now all set to roll out its City centric guides.

A snapshot of Travel Guide Katra

A snapshot of Travel Guide Katra

Termed as “City Guide”, it is written with an insider’s perspective to bring out a city’s hidden gems. It would be a trailblazer of sorts and intends to revolutionize the entire experience of traveling. To keep the faith in troubled times in face of terror attacks ( latest victim being Mumbai ), skyrocketing prices and depleting funds our first City Guide is devoted to Katra – starting point of the journey to Vaishno Devi’s Darbar.

IHR envisions a plan to bring out exhaustive City Guides for 60 cities across India. There are some common threads running across the selected cities. All of them are offbeat and underrated destinations but with immense tourism potential.

Features of Travel Guides

It has some very remarkable features including some stuff that you will not get anywhere and are unique to IndiaHotelReview.

  • Written with a fresher perspective by dedicated Travel Writers of IHR who believed in having first hand experience and an unique approach of discovering a city inside out.
  • A non judgmental and in-depth coverage of all the aspects of a City
  • Detailed Bus, Train, Air and driving information
  • Exhaustive route guides for a hassle free planning of your Drive
  • Tourist offices and other useful information unique to a City
  • A variety of Accommodation option ranging from Budget Hotels to luxury staying including one click booking
  • Where to indulge in gastronomic delights
  • Where to splurge on shopping or buy apt souvenirs
  • Contextual articles for discerning travelers
  • Preferred “Must Dos” in sync with particular Cities
  • Provides insightful information and very helpful how-to hints
When will this be available?
Very soon – probably by the end of this month (November), we are currently testing all the pre-launch technicalities and UI checks like URLs, Navigation and JS validations across diff resolutions.


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