Cool Choices for this Republic Day

Friends advance wishes for the Republic day. Long Live the Republic! If you find a little time to look at your Desktop Calendar for 2009 you will find that there is a long weekend ahead for you around this Republic Day.

If you do not have had ready any plans yet do not despair, we at have made our own list of ultimate places that have recently piqued our interest this winter. These places are not typically “high on the must-go list” but if you trifle inclined to break the rules and head for the places “Where the world is not headed to “try these cool places out. Its one month so you could plan it well, and trust us – you will not regret.

Delhi Weekend: Leisurely Kosi and Lansdowne

Just 100 kms from Delhi Kosi is an idyllic retreat in the Mathura district the Birthplace of Krishna. Drive there and earn the much deserved rest from the rigmaroles of daily life. A bit heavy on wallet but there is nothing like having a good time in Country Inn.

Lansdowne, the quaint hill station is around 250 km from Delhi this sublime place charmed Britishers to the hilt now it’s your turn. Just take a leisurely walk in the sunset and feel all the difference.

Kolkata Weekend: Discovering Chandipur

Hey Kolkatans give Digha a passe, travel 314 kms and you are in at Chandipur in Orissa. Miles of fine silvery sand dunes, unobtrusive beach, shells and driftwood that’s Chandipur on Sea for you. It will make you long for more and provide more reasons than than one to return. Just one piece of information that would make you a proud Indian this Republic Day, it was from Chandipur Interim Test Range that the Agni Missile was launched.
Chandigarh Weekend: Historic Paonta Sahib

Just 132 kms from Chandigarh, the historic City of Paonta Sahib is thoroughly entrenched with the memory of the Tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. It does not matter whether you are a Sikh or not but the majestic Gurudwara, the pristine waters of Yamuna and the Sal forest is sure to elevate your spirits. Just one piece of advice book early if you want to stay in HPTDC hotel.

Mumbai Weekend: Expedition to the Chikoo Kingdom- Bordi

Mahabaleshwar, Lonawala, Matheran sounds clichés isn’t it head for Bordi instead. Unbelievable but true Bordi is just 145 kms from Mumbai. Bordi offers a peep into serene beaches and picturesque Chikoo gardens. Reach here, do nothing and just enjoy the breeze and the soft sands. We bet it would be the best Republic Day you had in a long time.

Banglore Weekend: Aromatic Chikmagalur

The Coffee town of Chikmagalur is just 250 kms from Bangaluru. Depending on your liking you could enjoy a bit of trekking, pilgrimage wildlife all rolled into one. Very high on fun quotient. Mysore, Ooty rest in peace!

Bhopal Weekend: Mystical Narmada

Jabalpur, on the banks of river Narmada is 336 kms from the state capital Jabalpur. A boat ride around the Bera against the silhouettes of small marble hillocks is sure to make you romantic, while the gushing sight and sound of magnanimous Dhuandhar falls make you appreciate the bounty of nature.

Hyderabad Weekend: Nagarjuna Sagar Where Civilizations Meet

Nagarjuna Sagar the world’s largest masonry dam is incidentally also an important Buddhist centre. At 150 km from Hyderabad explore centuries old Buddhist civilization, Nagarjunasagar Lake and waterfalls this Repupblic day Weekend

Ahmedabad Weekend: Make a Wish-Ambaji

Ambaji is just 198 kms from Ahmedabad, located on the Arasur Hills the famous temple of goddess Ambaji is a wish grating Tree. Pray for a prosperous and powerful India this Republic day.

Chennai Weekend: Look Beyond Pondicherry- Karaikal

Get off the beaten track, think beyond Pondicherry. Karaikal is the place to head to. This former French enclave is 300 Km from Chennai and 135 Km south of Puducherry. Temples, Churches, Darga you name it Karaikal has it, besides it is dotted with a crisscross of rivers and forms the delta of the Cauvery River system.


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