Stats Does Matter Aint they?

As we wind down to another yearend of what could be best termed as an upheaval year of sorts, with global recession, terror attacks and what not, we thought it would be instructive enough to take a look at what does the web stats say for IHR’s performance.
“Stats are like weight loss”, if you are on a dieting schedule then just taking your weight every hour or day will hardly give you the bigger picture, similarly the stats will give you the real picture over a period of time say 3 months. Of course these stats can be interpreted in different ways but the traffic patterns portrayed here is interesting as 90% of the visitors coming to IHR are either organic or direct. We believe in the results to the fullest as it is a sign of growth, success and a solid reminder that hard work really pays.

Where did the visitors come from?
Here’s a summary for the year for the top ten cities vis-à-vis   domestic traffic.

IHR Top 10 Cities for 2008

IHR Top 10 Cities for 2008

The graph reflects our clout over the western circuit comprising Bombay and Pune( 25%) and the southern states (around 17 %). A whopping 31.87% traffic comes from the non metros. This speaks volumes for the IHR’s traditional popularity in comparatively smaller cities as well.
A look at the international traffic over the same period also corroborates our position as a dominant player in the Indian online travel community with traffic from India being around 84%.  Followed by United States  and UK with a sizeable chunk of Indian expatriates.

IHR International Traffic for 2008

IHR International Traffic for 2008

IHR’s Report Card
As “stickiness” is the buzzword nowadays in terms of how many pages a visitor looks at, we dared to do a comparison of how IHR fares with the community face of and the face of MMT.  Of course IHR is an integrated portal offering sales and community under one platform. For the 3 months October to December the figures seemed to be very bright. Take a look.

IHR Vs Raahi & Oktatabyebye

(Source: Alexa)

IHR is ahead of Raahi and from mid November to December we were there with
These stats have been brought, in the efforts of showing some positives in times of despondent economy and the naked dance of terror.
Thanks for reading, and yes please don’t forget to chip in with your comments.


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  1. Prasoon kumar

    It was heartening to learn about IHR’s upsurge in terms of traffic it shows the way for small OTA’ s dreaming of making it to the big league

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