Cheating, Inspiration and the Rest: A Time to Reflect

“Passing off somebody else’s ideas as your own is like trying to pass off vomit as food”
– From the Internet
Now what Joy did on 2nd December 2008 with their press release at only proves the age old Hindi adage “ Nakal Karne Ke Liye Bhi Akal Chahiye”. You can see for yourself that they had even failed to detect the obvious – replace with their own name.

IHR content copied by joy travel

IHR content copied by joy travel

A blatant plagiarism like this only corroborates our growing stature that IHR as a premier Online Travel Agency with Budget Travel as a niche has “arrived.” As a pioneer of sorts in the online Travel segment we are actually making the world take notice and unsuccessfully replicate our model.

Having said that, it also throws up two very pertinent points, a) If Joy Travels even fails to write a genuine PR it would be difficult to believe the genuineness of their packages whether they actually make you travel or take you for a ride instead!
b) This shortcut method is often adopted by “fly by night” Offline travel operators who desperately want to enter the online segment.
In retrospect we are not oblivious to the rising instances of efforts to imitate us. We are quite aware of it but often ignore the transgressions.
Finally one piece of Biblical advice to Joy Travels: “If ye are prudent enough to cheat right, ye shalt not need to cheat” Good Luck.!



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3 responses to “Cheating, Inspiration and the Rest: A Time to Reflect

  1. Its a straight issue of copyright violation. It shows that few reputed companies(read: Joy Travels) don’t have a reliable marketing / PR team. Cases like this erodes away the company reputation.

  2. hi India hotel review
    Go and claim on them for copying the content, don’t leave simply, if you will leave them then again they will do for others, don’t give chance them

  3. Esha

    Hey, this is a nice way to make them realize that they have done something that is unethical….your post is like slamming on their face right through…!!!

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