Flavour of the Season

The quarter from October to December is the time of the year when our sales teams becomes workaholic and in general remains a busy bunch. So what keeps them busy, pat comes a reply- Kerala is the flavour of the season. “November, December are definitely the Kerala months” quips Vishal. Enticing Beaches, good weather makes people in droves to head for Kerala.  Heavy bookings are done till almost January 15th when the season ends.  By the way who are the people traveling to Kerala this season, the answer to this seemingly innocuous question left me with some sort of bemusement?
“Maximum bookings we are getting are from southern states only. Northerners do not travel much if it is not honeymoon, pilgrimage or weekends”. Rues Vishal.

What makes Kerala so special I put the question to ever smiling and obliging Sachin. He gives a detailed reply. “A 3 day package,  to say a Hill station destination costs around 15-20 K now as compared to that the Kerala packages are pocket friendly a lot. By spending the same amount, 4 to 5 destinations can be easily covered in Kerala. He further adds “ The Kerala packages comes with the added bonus of unique House Boat stays and a cab at the disposal for sight seeing. Moreover the drivers also double up as Guides and are generally very well behaved and friendly”.

Apart from Kerala, weekend trips, LTC packages and regular beach destinations keep the coffers full. “Mumbai and Bangalore weekends are very popular” says Vipin transfixed to the monitors. What about Delhi Weekends? “Not much to make Delhiwallahs travel is a challenging proposition” he retorts smilingly.

LTC continues to be a steady performer for us with regular bookings for North East and Andaman in line with the government’s impetus for North East.
Finally coming to the most important part of revenues “October has seen net sales worth around 7 lacs and for November and December we are expecting more” says Priyanka in an optimistic note.


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